Frequently Asked Questions

What size containers do you rent?
Conex containers are available in 20′ length with double doors on one end, 20′ length with double doors on both ends and 40′ length with double doors on one end.

Are the containers waterproof?
Yes, the containers are weather resistant, protecting your contents from wind, rain and snow.

How is the container delivered?
The containers are delivered using a tilt-bed truck/trailer. With the trailer raised, the container slides slowly off and rests on one end. The truck then pulls forward and unloads the other side of the container.

How much space is required for delivery?
A 20′ storage container will require roughly 75 feet of direct clearance, while a 40′ container requires roughly 100 feet of direct clearance. The width requirement is approximately 10 feet. Site inspection prior to delivery is available if there is any question regarding these requirements.

Is there any site preparation necessary?
The surface should be level, smooth and firm. Deliveries can be made on dirt as long as it’s not too soft. We can also deliver on cement, pavement, asphalt, grass or gravel.

How soon can my storage unit be delivered?
Deliveries are scheduled Monday through Friday. Often, local deliveries can be made within 1-2 days but it is strongly recommended that when placing an order you call 3-5 days in advance for both local and out of town deliveries.

Do I need to be present for the delivery of my storage unit?
We request you, or a designated person, be present during delivery to identify the correct placement of the container and verify the unit is in good condition at the time of delivery. If someone cannot be on site, please inform us at the time arrangements are being made.

How much is the cost of delivery and pickup?
Delivery and pickup fees are based on the container’s delivery location. A quote will be provided at the time of your inquiry.

How do you bill for the rented storage containers?
Rentals are invoiced monthly, with payment due within 30 days from the invoice date. Your first invoice will include delivery, pickup fees and a prorated first month’s rent, plus applicable sales tax. For your convenience, arrangements can be made to automatically charge your credit card each month. Payments can also be made by check, money order, cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards.